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Core Values
TRU Service Group believes in a strong core values system to guide its managers and staff, to build a bigger and better tomorrow.

We recognize our primary asset is people. To be successful TRU must be an effective and efficient rewarding place to work. TRU provides opportunity and encouragement to help our people reach their potential. When employees reach the top of their game, not only does TRU gain a great asset, but also our clients can rest assured they have only the very best workers assigned to there project. We work hard with our clients building team concepts. TRU knows that treating employees and clients with mutual respect provides deep and strong foundation for our success.

We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty, family, and hard work. TRU has the highest ethical standards in the industry. "We do the right thing". TRU is a company based on old fashion family values and trust; we are consistently associated with the highest standards of service and quality, with all our efforts, going to preserving the quality of our client's integrity. Because of TRU'S trusted reputation we have the privilege of working and doing some of the highest profile often one-of-a-kind projects in the nation.

TRU is committed in finding solution for our clients that best achieve their goals and ideas. Lasting relationships are the lifeline of our business, TRU commitment regularly shows when the client feels our staff is even more committed to the effort of their project than they're own staff is. That's what stands us apart from every other company, our personal attention to our clients as individuals. The genuine feeling you get from TRU's management team is because we treat and refer to our clients appropriately as our respected friends and extended family.

TRU's employee's actions are guided by fundamentals set forth by the human resource department. They is respect for each man and woman in our company. Efficiency, effectiveness, motivation and personal satisfaction are enhanced by open dialogue that produces a quality-working environment. One of the best parts of our department is the ongoing integration of new and diverse hiring of new employees, and training and promotion of others. This action ensures the future of ongoing outstanding quality employees.

TRU's number one goal is the safety of our employees, subcontractors, owners, clients, and the general public.
Safety is only accomplished as a team, and if the whole team works together, the safer the project is, the more successful the projects outcome will be.

TRU embraces the L.I.F.E principal of safety.
L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Everyday)
Life is supported by four guiding principles

  1. Injuries are preventable.
  2. Perform a job only if its safe.
  3. Working safely is a condition of employment for all employees.
  4. Practice and expect safe behavior everywhere, every day.
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